Living in New York

It’s almost been a complete year that I’ve lived in my Brooklyn apartment, and wow, this year has flown by! It has truly been the most transformative, exciting, happiest year of my life. I can say that without a doubt.

Don’t get me wrong, living on my own at age 19, paying for all my expenses is no easy feat, but it is doable, and it has been incredibly rewarding. Plus, somehow I managed to have a social life in addition to school and work.

Photoshoot with Sweet Loren’s

I could not have guessed how my year would turn out if asked 12 months ago. At the time, I was working as an intern at the Feedfeed and planned to attend Baruch college in the spring. In fact, I did end up attending Baruch college in the spring, but I recently decided to attend the Health Supportive Culinary Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education instead. I am extremely happy with my decision!

First Day at Culinary School

Also, I started to work for my favorite company on this planet, Sweet Loren’s. After cold emailing Loren Brill, the insanely talented and inspiring owner of Sweet Loren’s, I had an interview, got hired, and started working as their sole Content Creator for all original Sweet Loren’s social content. It’s truly a dream to work with the Sweet Loren’s team! I love this job because I’m surrounded by extremely supportive and smart individuals who are very passionate about what they do, like myself. I also work once a week at a sushi restaurant! I never thought I’d ever get sick of sushi ????

Behind the Scenes of Sweet Loren’s Photoshoot!

Now let’s talk fun! Living in New York with roommates has been such a blessing and a blast. My roommates have become two of my closest friends. I also never socialized as much as I have this year, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am way more comfortable to be myself than ever before. Lastly, I truly learned how to have fun and not be so uptight/worried all the time ????

Overall, this has been one incredible year! Lately, I’ve been insanely busy and tired so I’m trying to work on creating a better work, life, fun balance. It’s a process!




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