gluten free

meatleass meatballs

why you'll love this recipe: 

– It's the perfect recipe for your next meatless Monday!  – It's made with mushrooms & nuts, for the ultimate meatiness.  – They're super easy to make!


Walnuts Garlic Onion Mushrooms Parsley Black Pepper Salt Vegan Parmesan Cheese Gluten Free Breadcrumbs Eggs Olive Oil

Roast the nuts then add all ingredients to a food processor until small chunks remain.

recipe tip

Roasting nuts in the oven will enhance the flavor of your final dish!

Roll the mixture into 28 meatballs then pan fry until golden! 

Make the roasted red pepper sauce by blending all ingredients together until smooth.

Serve meatless meatballs over pasta with the roasted red pepper sauce! 

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