Hi, I'm Dalya Rubin!
I'm a Recipe Developer, Food Photographer and trained Chef. I love creating recipes for brands I love to further enhance their social feeds and websites. 
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Let's create recipes that are unforgettable.

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- Cassidy Stockton, Bob's Red Mill

"...this clip is fantastic! You have such a great camera personality! I’m so happy we could work together on this.."

Taste and presentation are both important when showcasing a product or recipe. Let's level up your food photos!

Food photography

Have a recipe in mind but don't know how to execute it? I'm here for you! 
Recipe testing is my favorite pass-times, and thankfully it is my job too!

Recipe development

Let's get started creating a social calendar, learn how to effectively communicate with brands & influencers, and much more!

Social media consulting

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